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NEW GIVEAWAY TO CELEBRATE 6000 Fans!~ 5000 Fan Giveaway Winner Announced ~ Warehouse Sale Details ~

Hello Readers!

Everyone probably wants to know who won the 5000 Fan Giveaway right?! I'll get to that shortly! Sorry for the delays, seems to be the story of my life lately! I was delayed in posting the 5000 Giveaway while my Minnie was sick in the hospital and hoped to get back on track but haven't been able to do so. 
I truly have too much on my plate!

We did make it to the June Lilly Warehouse Sale. I was nervous about traveling 7+ hours by car with Miss Olivia but her doctors gave the go ahead. 

After 7+ hours in the car Olivia patiently waited in line at The Valley Forge Convention Center while we waited for a number for the Lilly Warehouse Sale. We saw some familiar Lilly Loving faces from Re-Lilly while we waited and made some new Lilly friends.
As you can see the wait line was very long! 

Shortly after 6pm Lilly employees handed out numbers and we were #293, the highest number I have ever received, but still thrilled to have a number for the morning!

We then headed to Bahama Breeze Restaurant to meet up with other Lilly Lovers from Re-Lilly for dinner & cocktails.
We were thrilled to meet up with Re-Lilly friends. There was no Bahama Breeze in this near 90 degree heat and even though we felt like we were melting we had fun!

I wish we had more time to visit with these wonderful ladies! It had been a long day and we were tired and Olivia had started to complain her belly was hurting which scared me after the recent hospitalization. I tried not to panic and chalked it up to the long drive and the heat.
My poor baby was up sick most of the night with tummy issues so neither of us slept much. I slept about 1.5-2 hours as we had to be back in line at 4:30 am. I told Olivia we would skip the sale and rest and she threw a fit saying she felt much better so I told her we would try and if she wasn't feeling well we were going back to our hotel room.
So we got in line and enjoyed chatting with other Lilly Lovers and enjoyed reading these fun signs! 
This was how the line looked at 4:30-5:00 am.
The line went quickly and we got through the doors shortly after 5:30 and and shopped until we dropped, literally!
We scored lots of great deals! We were a little sad we couldn't find more matching items but very pleased with all the beautiful Lillys we found. 
After another long wait in line for the dressing room area we tried on a pile of Lillys. This is Olivia's favorite part of the Sale! She loves to try on new Lilly dresses and twirl! In the dressing area she was smiles and giggles while she danced and sang songs and modeled all the dresses she picked out. She received many compliments for being so well behaved and for being so entertaining and adorable. We have even received notes from Lilly employees that worked the sale to say how adorable she was in the dressing area. You never would have guessed this child had just been so ill. Unfortunately a few hours at the sale was enough and Olivia's tummy started to hurt again so I took her back up to our room where we laid down to rest. 

She still was not well but said she wanted to try eating so we went for lunch at Nordstrom's Cafe (King of Prussia Mall- we love this place!) and then some shopping in the Lilly King of Prussia store where we found more Lilly bargains! 
This photo was taken by Olivia at the KOP Lilly Store. She loves to take pictures! Not bad for 4 years old :-)

Here Olivia is modeling/dancing in the KOP Lilly Store window. She was having fun making faces through the window at Re-Lillyers (Andrea & her Mom), wish I had snapped a photo of that but was chatting with the sales associate. 
My Tiny Dancer. While we were here I was asked by shoppers if she ever stops smiling and the answer is No! She is such a happy smiling sweetheart. My philosophy is that smiling makes you feel good. Happy girls are pretty girls. When we see someone without a smile we give them ours :-)

Olivia saying "Good-Bye" to the turtle and giving one last hug as we left. 
After we left the store she started to feel ill again :( The symptoms she had when she was hospitalized returned so we quickly checked out of the hotel and headed back home. We were supposed to stay in KOP at the Sale through Friday night and also have her portraits done but I didn't want to take chances and be in PA on a Friday so far from her doctors/specialist so I put her in the car and raced for home. I won't go into details but having a child sick with stomach/intestinal issues in the car for 7+ hours was not fun! Trying to make Emergency stops was a challenge in traffic and she almost didn't make it while we were stuck in traffic coming through NYC on the GW Bridge. Through CT we hit very bad storms, took over 8 hours but we made it home. Poor DH was not so lucky and got stuck at the NJ airport due to the storms and flight cancellations. 
We have followed up with Olivia's doctors/specialists and they thing she may have Ulcerative Collitis (UC) triggered by the e coli poisoning. I don't usually give a ton of personal information out on my blog but will share that I suffer from UC, not a fun disease, not curable but treatable. I try to look on the bright side and feel blessed it is not something terminal and I do my best to deal with it and minimize flares. I hope & pray that Olivia does not have it but she is at a greater risk because I have it and because of the e coli poisoning. So now we wait and see if she has more flare-ups like she had in PA at the Warehouse Sale and continue to get tests. Please say a prayer for my sweetheart <3 She without a doubt is LILYS BIGGEST LITTLE FAN! Miss Olivia is still upset with me for leaving the Lilly Warehouse Sale early, LOL. We look forward to the next sale and hope to meet up with Re-Lillyers again. The Bahama Breeze re-Lilly dinner was our favorite part of this trip.

The winner of this prize package is..........
DRUM ROLL...............................WE HAD OVER 500 ENTRIES....................
CONGRATULATIONS TO JANICE! was used to select a winner!
Janice please send your mailing address to: so I can ship your Lilly prize package to you! Cheers! xoxo

I quickly wanted to mention the Lilly Lovers 2011 Photo Contest. Please continue to VOTE for Olivia & I here:

We appreciate all the votes & support everyone is giving!

Only 4 Days Left to Vote! I won't be able to promote as much as I have been these final 4 days so I hope ya'll will vote for us every 24 hours! We would Love to finish with the most votes to show we are Lilly Pulitzer's BIGGEST FANS but even if we don't we still feel like winners with all the love, support and votes we have already received! We are so Blessed <3

It is hard to compete for votes with those in the Greek Sorority System and with voters  posting they are giving other contestants 60 votes, 115 votes, etc., We never would have guessed we would have gotten this far with so many votes so CHEERS to all of you for sharing the Lilly Love with us!

It takes a lot of courage to enter a photo contest and essay/photo description and I commend every single person who entered this contest, it takes guts to put yourself out there. I thank all of you because we truly love to look at all the beautiful entries. This contest for us is about sharing the Lilly Love and we are thrilled to share our LOVE & Passion for the GREATEST BRAND IN THE WORLD with so many! Don't feel bad if we don't finish with the most votes because after voting ends all Top 20 entries with the most votes will be judged and have an equal chance. This was never about prizes for us, but proving our love for Lilly and sharing it with as many people as we could! We already feel like winners as our entry has held 1st Place for several days, received the most Facebook "Likes" and received the most comments so far! Please also visit the Re-Lilly event set up where you can see links to all the other beautiful ladies from Re-Lilly that entered, they would love your support too!

Last but not least I want to Announce that Re-Lilly has reached the 6000 Facebook Fan mark! I never would have dreamed that Re-Lilly would become such a HUGE success! Thank you for continuing to spread the word that Re-Lilly is THE Place to Buy~Sell~Swap your Lilly, find out about Lilly Sales & Lilly News, and to share your love for Lilly with other Lilly Lovers. I am amazed that we have gone from 5000 fans to 6000 fans in just a few short weeks! We have a very special community and I look forward to announcing some new improved changes coming soon!

Don't forget about the NEW Re-Lilly Sister Page, The Pink Closet Re-Cycled Fashions where you can Buy~Sell~Swap all your other favorite brands/designers for FREE:

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And last but not least:
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Giveaway open to US Residents and winner will be selected on Sunday July 3rd, 2011 at Midnight EST and will be announced shortly after!


xox Sue

Monday, June 6, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer Giveaway, Lilly Warehouse Sale Info & Rue La La Lilly Sale Info!

Hello Re-Lilly Readers!

Sorry for the delay in posting the Lilly Giveaway to Celebrate 5000 Re-Lilly Facebook Fans! As most of you know my Minnie, Olivia, got very sick and ended up in the hospital. The last few weeks have been a struggle for our family. While my husband was away on business Olivia got very ill. When DH returned we knew we had to take her to the ER when she was not improving after the office visit with the doctor. 
In the middle of the night/morning we got ready to run out the door and as I was throwing a few necessities into her backpack Olivia insisted that I pack her favorite Lilly dress, her "Cake Dress" aka Lolly Rosette Dress in Let them Eat Cake print. She insisted on wearing one of her other favorite Lilly dresses (Prep Green Hits the Spot Print)to ER and she insisted I wear the matching Clare Dress, who could deny the requests of a sick, sweet 4 year old? 
The matching Lilly dresses were a hit with doctors and nurses in ER. After being admitted to the hospital she insisted on wearing Lilly everyday and refused to wear hospital clothes (already a Fashionista at 4!). After being transferred to CHAD (Children's Hospital at Dartmouth)we kept the "Lilly Cake Dress" in her backpack and promised she could wear it home the day she was released from the hospital. CHAD was such an amazing hospital, we can't say enough great things about the hospital and staff.

Olivia is without a doubt Lilly Pulitzer's BIGGEST LITTLE FAN! Another little thing that helped the time pass in the hospital while my baby laid there in pain was using her "Lilly Pad" as Olivia calls it, aka iPad with Lilly Hotty Pink Bloomers Cover (from, Thank you Sweet Rhonda!). We all laugh when she says, "Can I play a game on the "Lilly Pad"? Long story short she is home and recovering. She is doing very well and we expect her to make a full recovery but still dealing with some of the side effects, like she is afraid to sleep alone at night and her teeth are turning brown/staining from the medications she has to take :( 
I guess in the grand scheme of things we have to look to the positive and feel Blessed that she is okay. Any parent who has had to watch their child in pain and suffering in the hospital knows the gut wrenching pain and heartbreak we felt. It is awful as a parent to watch helplessly as your child is sick and in agony. Olivia not only wore her favorite "Lilly Cake Dress" home from the hospital but previously wore it on her birthday, to meet the Easter Bunny and recently to the opening day at the lake as seen in the photo below. We entered this photo on the 2011 Lilly Lovers Days Photo Contest and hope you will view our photo and consider voting for us if you are not entered in the contest :-)
 Click this link to view & vote:   Thanks! XOX Sue & Olivia

A huge Thank You to Amy at The Joggling Board Lilly Store ( where Olivia's Favorite "Lilly Cake Dress" came from. Amy is the sweetest and we had planned to visit her at The Joggling Board during our SC trip but had to change plans due to Olivia's illness. 
A quick update on our Chihuahua Bella who got really sick after Olivia got out of the hospital, She is doing much better! Her Liver was attacked with toxins and we may never know the cause, either an infection or she ate something outside she shouldn't have. She is on the mend and we are thankful the vet was able to save her life. We almost lost her :( We are still waiting to hear if DH needs surgery on his arm/wrist from the fall on ice he suffered the end of March, he sees the Neurologist soon. If I don't see a hospital/doctors/nurses for awhile I will be a happy girl!


Who is excited about the Lilly Warehouse Sale this week? I am beyond excited! Olivia & I look forward to shopping, socializing and dinning with many of you! Look for us at the sale, we will be wearing matching Lilly of course! For more info on the June 9th-11th Lilly Warehouse Sale there is an event page on Re-Lilly with lots of info: CLICK HERE and there is also more great information about sale hours, merchandise, etc., posted on the Valley Forge Convention Center Website: CLICK HERE There is a Sneak Peek Preview of Warehouse Sale items posted HERE

If you are attending the Warehouse Sale and would like to join other Lilly Lovers/Re-Lilly friends for dinner we are meeting at Bahama Breeze Restaurant Wednesday night after numbers are handed out at the Convention Center (between 6-8pm, usually closer to 6 pm) to RSVP & for more information use this link: CLICK HERE

For those who are attending the Warehouse Sale and would like to join other Lilly Lovers/Re-Lilly Friends for Lunch we are meeting on Thursday at 11:30 am, at Seasons 52 at the KOP Mall, please use this link for more info and to RSVP: CLICK HERE

For those who CAN'T attend the Warehouse Sale don't be sad, there is going to be a Lilly Sale on Rue La La during the Warehouse Sale, on Friday June 10th! CLICK HERE for your FREE Invitation if you are not already a member. For Rue La La Shopping Tips that help avoid disappointment and help you get the items you want CLICK HERE Rue La La also added PREPPY PLATES to the Sale on the same day as Lilly! See preview photo below! 

5,467 fans is a major accomplishment! I genuinely appreciate each and every one of you for contributing to this wonderful community of Lilly Lovers and making Re-Lilly on Facebook a success.  Here is to continued success with Re-Lilly! May we all buy, sell & swap our Lillys and enjoy the company of the most fabulous Lilly Lovers! Cheers! 

Now for the Lilly Pulitzer Giveaway to celebrate 5000 Re-Lilly Facebook Fans! One lucky winner will be chosen to receive the following as pictured above $130+ Retail Value!:
* White Zin Print Watter Bottle ($17.95 RV)
* Latte Da Mug Desert Tort Print ($14.95 RV)
* 1 Box of Lilly Animal Crackers ($1.00 RV)
* Stuck on You Sticky Notes in Bloomers Print (4.95 RV)
* Circle Notes in Juice Stand Print ($15.95 RV)
* Coasters in Havan A Coctel Print (Set of 8)($15.95 RV)
* Shell Gold Metal Coctail Ring- 1 size/adjustable in Lilly Jewelry Bag (These were GWP so no set RV so I put the value at what they are selling on eBay at, $28.00)
* Pink & Green Photo Frame ($8.99)
* Fabric Wine Bag (Wine not included. Not sure of print name)(GWP with no MFG RV, would guess $15.00)
* Shift Dress Glasses Case (RV $7.99)
* and anything else I decide to add
**Note: retail Values taken from current pricing on Lifeguard Press website, eBay & Purseladytoo)

How to Enter: 
ALL ENTRIES WILL BE VERIFIED. Winner chosen using (Random computer draw). Open to all Re-Lilly Facebook Fans residing in the United States.

1 Entry for Being a Facebook Re-Lilly Fan/Liking the Re-Lilly FB Page (just comment that you are a fan/like on FB)
1 Entry if you Follow this Blog
1 Entry if you are a Facebook Fan of the NEW Re-Lilly Sister Page, The Pink Closet - Re-Cycled Fashions for other brands: CLICK HERE TO BECOME A FAN OF THE PINK CLOSET - RE-CYCLED FASHIONS
1 Entry if you Post this Giveaway to your Blog (Please post Link in a Comment)
1 Entry if you Tweet/post this Giveaway on Twitter (Please post the link or your Twitter ID/name in a comment)
1 Entry if you Voted for Olivia & I in the Lilly Lovers Days Photo Contest (you can vote once every 24 hours)

Winner will be selected using on Monday, June 13th at 11:59 pm EST and announced shortly after.