Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Re-Lilly, Year in Review and Lilly Giveaways!

Happy 1st Birthday Re-Lilly!

Thank you to each every one of Re-Lilly's 2,740 fans!
Cheers to all of you for making Re-Lilly a wonderful community! I wish I could share cupcakes & champagne with all of you!

      I am amazed by how fast this group has grown over the past year. I love seeing how well this community shares and helps each other out! I am amazed by the growth and have enjoyed seeing hundreds (probably thousands by now) of successful swaps! I remember working on the Re-Lilly page over Christmas 2009 and wondering if Lilly Lovers would be as excited as I was and wondered if it would be a success. 

I am touched by the many messages and emails I have received over the last year Thanking me for creating Re-Lilly and I'll never tire of hearing from fans how much you love the page. I have made many great friends and connections through Re-Lilly and can't imagine life without this community. I thank present and past administrators for your help. I raise a glass and toast to all of you and to another year of swapping, sharing sale & promotions, making friends, having giveaways, sizing and fit help, and sharing our Love for the best brand in the world! 
Cheers to you! Cheers to Lilly!

I had hoped to blog over the holiday to share our pink & green Christmas and got too busy with school, crafting, baking, shopping , dance recitals & decorating. Below are some photos from our family holiday that I hope you will enjoy!

Our pink & green gingerbread palace! Building a gingerbread house is a holiday tradition at our house. Olivia & I had a ton of fun making this!
The other side....
Olivia received these jumbo pink & green gumballs from her Secret Elf, Lily Gray in the Re-Lilly Gift Exchange! Thanks again to all the Re-Lilly Elves who participated in the 1st Re-Lilly Gift Exchange, it was a big hit and huge success. I appreciate all of the nice comments and notes for organizing a fun event but can't take all the credit, Elfster made my job easy.
Everything is edible, even the fabulous Wilton Cookie markers we used to draw the faces on our snowman & snowwoman. 
Side view
Another family tradition is to drive through "The Farm" to see the Christmas lights. "The Farm" is actually a mansion that belongs to a neighbor in town who decorates his property and allows the public to drive through his property for the cost of a canned good or cash donation with all proceeds benefiting the local food pantry. My photos do not do this justice! Please click the photos to maximize them for better viewing. It is hard to photograph because the vehicle is moving, we are instructed to turn off headlights, display parking lights, stay in the vehicle and no stopping. 
The "festival of lights" at this mansion is open for a few hours each night for about a week and it is amazing! We turn on Christmas music and drive through every night. Photos are difficult because the flash ruins the true view and experience and when I tried photos without flash or at different shutter speeds they came out blurry or too dark, Maybe someone can help me out with some pointers to improve my photography skills!
Approaching the entrance...
Driving through.....takes a good 10-15 minutes to drive through! I had to photograph elephants because I adore them!
We love the gingerbread people & houses. As you can see before Christmas we didn't have much snow, just a dusting in most areas.....unusual for NH.
The amount of lights and displays are amazing! I think my husband & I loved it as much (if not more) than Olivia!
This photo does not do the scene justice, if you look to the right you will see a ship in the pond. Stunning in person. I'll have to play back the video and see if that came out better.....

 The main entrance of the mansion, every night the front door was closed.....
Except the last night, the front door was open! You can't tell from the photo but there is a beautiful shiny marble floor and behind and around the tree was an amazing display of villages. Picture perfect but the picture did not capture it!
Exiting the "farm".....the end.
Other holiday family traditions include an advent calendar with chocolates, baking Christmas cookies & apple pie! I'll spare those photos because this blog is long...

We had 3 Christmas trees this year! A real tree that we got at a local farm. We were escorted out into the tree farm in horse drawn carriages and selected a tree that they cut down, package and put on your vehicle for you. A great experience! What are your holiday traditions?
It was strange to not have snow, so unusual! It was freezing and very windy.

Olivia loved the Clydesdales!
Our tiny dancer in front of tree #1 the night of her first dance recital! She did great for being 3 and on stage for the first time. Moments I'll never forget.
 When we weren't baking cookies we were making and baking Lilly Christmas ornaments. After success using the Lilly cookie cutters for Olivia's Birthday cake I decided to use them for making clay ornaments. We rolled out Sculpy clay and used the cookie cutters. We had some challenges and if you plan to try this contact me and I'll share our failures and successes! After we baked them we hand painted them, "shellacked" and tied ribbon hangers to put them on our other trees.

Tree #2, this tree we put in Olivia's room 
Olivia's pink tree and Secret Santa gifts she selected for Lily Gray.
Tree #3

Our pink gingerbread girl

Green monkey

Preppy Green Gingerbread Man

Lilly palm tree

We made pink & green flamingos

Pink Lilly Monkey

One of our Lilly favorite!
I had to share this photo sent to me from our Lilly loving friend Mary Lane. Aren't Mary's monkeys & tree adorable?!

Mary's photo of her beautiful pink tree displaying one of the pink elephants we made. It is so fun to share our love for Lilly with Lilly loving friends!
Christmas Day ~ Our pink & green Princess wearing her new Lilly dress from Splash of Pink. Dear Lilly, why didn't you make this dress for Mommy too? This velour fabric is scrumptious!
After Christmas we were hit with a Nor'easter that made up for all the snow we had not yet gotten. In NH there were winds gusting up to 50 mph, snow drifts several feet tall (in front of our door and driveway) and widespread power outages. Not fun! Part of the delay in getting this blog up. After we dug out we went on a trip to Boston to our favorite Mall. Our gift cards were burning holes in our pockets!
We went to the American Girl Doll store at the mall and Olivia couldn't wait to model her new matching PJ's with her Bitty Baby. Little girls are so much fun!
I have to share one special surprise my wonderful husband gave me for Christmas.....a trip to Florida to meet LILLY! I have wanted to meet the lady behind this amazing brand for so long and this dream is coming true on January 8th! The Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History where the Lilly Exhibit is will be hosting The Authentically Preppy Lilly Party and "Preppy Honoree Lilly will be there! So what does a gal wear?!? 
So many Lilly's in the closet to choose from and I can't seem to find the right one. I have been searching eBay hoping to find a rare and fantastic vintage Lilly in my size, no luck yet! Many of my Lilly's are for summer and it will probably be too cold. My winter Lillys don't seem to be dressy enough and I think the one area I am lacking in Lilly is cocktail dresses. I am debating wearing my Kaya or Harper and also thinking Seamus may be a good choice. My dear Lilly friend Mary will be wearing the fabulous Dripping in Jewels Seamus so that is out. Help me out Lilly friends, what should I wear to meet Lilly? Old or new? What would you wear to meet Lilly?

The New Year is almost here, have you made a New Years Resolution? Mine is to go vegetarian. I have recently been going weeks at a time without meat and it really isn't as tough as I expected. If there are any vegetarians reading this please share your tips and recipes! How will you be ringing in the New Year? My husband & I will be celebrating at our favorite local restaurant and I'll be wearing Lilly of course!

This is the longest blog I have written and before I wrap it up with the giveaway I have to share one last thing that has kept me busy recently. One of my girlfriends recently started a new job and wanting to make a good impression she was determined to win the company's Ugly Sweater Contest. After much searching in thrift shops and online she was about to give up so I offered to make her a sweater. We came up with a theme, The Grinch, and decided to make it as obnoxious as possible so she would get noticed. 

We met at the craft store and picked out all the supplies. I took everything home and stayed up all night. My wonderful husband drove the sweater to her in the morning so I could get some sleep. I made a sweater that jingles and lights up and must be the most obnoxious sweater because she won 1st Place! I am so happy for her! She left her holiday party winning some great prizes like an Apple iPad and several gift certificates to her favorite local stores. 
A light bulb went off and I thought since I put so much effort into the sweater I should see if there are contests online that I could enter. After a few hours searching I found a contest and entered! I am embarrassing myself in the photo below hoping to win an iPad for my Dear Husband! I think he deserves one after giving me a trip to meet Lilly, putting up with our pink Christmas trees, my Lilly addiction and he went out the day after Christmas and bought four sets of pink Christmas lights for me so next year I can decorate our big tree in pink & green! Isn't he wonderful! If you think so please take a few quick seconds to use the links below the photo to vote for my Ugly Sweater Contest Entry!
Here is how to Vote: 2 easy steps~ Click this link to "Like" become a fan of the Sponsors Page: And then Click this Link to "Like" My Photo: 
I AM CURRENTLY TIED FOR 1ST PLACE & CAN USE ALL THE HELP I CAN GET! If you don't want to navigate away from this page you can right click the links and open the links in a new tab or new window!

Now for the GIVEAWAYS! 
I am giving away my pink Christmas Tree! The Giveaway is for Tree #3 with all the trimmings! Winner will receive the tree, 2 toppers (1 pink -shown- and a mini green star topper), decorative beads, assorted decorations shown  and some of our handmade Lilly ornaments. Winner will also receive assorted Lilly items. I received some duplicate Lilly gifts and I am Re-Lillying them to the winner!  Winner will receive a tree with wrapped gifts under it.....a belated Christmas in a box!
Winner will receive this tree as shown and wrapped Lilly presents to go under it!
1. MANDATORY: You must be a Re-Lilly Facebook FAN/"LIKE" Re-Lilly & a FOLLOWER of this Blog! Leave a comment with your suggestion for what I should wear to meet Lilly or share what you would wear (have worn) to meet Lilly for 1 ENTRY.
2. VOTE for my "Ugly Sweater" Contest and receive 5 ENTRIES! Just comment with Vote 1, Vote 2, etc.
3. Suggest a new name for this BLOG. The Re-Lilly Name is already being used for our Facebook Page.... This blog covers Re-Lilly topics  and beyond so I think it is time for a new name! Receive 1 ENTRY  for EACH name you suggest. HERE is the other GIVEAWAY: If the name you suggest is chosen as the New Blog Name you will receive a special Lilly Gift from me TBD, it will be good and will have a Retail Value of $50 or more!
4. Receive 1 ENTRY for sharing this Giveaway on your blog (please post link in your comment) 
5. Receive 1 ENTRY for Tweeting this Giveaway(please post your Twitter name & link for your Tweet in your comment)
6. Receive 1 Entry for posting this Giveaway on Facebook.
7. Receive 5 EXTRA ENTRIES for anyone you recruit to vote for me in the Ugly Swaeter Contest!(Please list each entry as stated above and include the name of the person you got to vote).
Winner will be drawn on Wednesday, January 12th at 11:59 PM EST (after I return from FL) and will be selected using a random number generator ( Odds will depend on number of entries. Open to US Residents Only. PLEASE follow the rules to maximize your chances of winning. If you have any questions let me know.
Good Luck!
Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

★ Lilly Pulitzer Sold for $60 Million ★

What does everyone think about Lilly Pulitzer being sold for $60 Million? In case you didn't hear you can view the breaking article here: Lilly Pulitzer Sold for $60 Million

Going public has pros and cons. I personally have seen the up and down side when working for a previous employer that was private, went public, then private and was looking to go public again when I left. I think Lilly will be in good hands with Oxford Industries who specializes in lifestyle brands and owns Tommy Bahama and other similar brands. I listened in on the Oxford webcast about the acquisition this afternoon and was happy to hear they plan to open 4-7 new stores per year. Maybe I'll finally have a Lilly store near me! 

 As Lilly lovers we can only hope that Lilly will continue as we know it or get better. I see two companies with a lot of Integrity joining forces and have to remain positive for Lillys sake! Lilly Pulitzer confirmed that The Pink Palace aka Corporate Headquarters will remain in King of Prussia, PA and the next warehouse sale in June is scheduled to go on as usual. Phew! What a relief! I am curious to hear how everyone else is feeling about this news?

On a different note, I wanted to share my appreciation for the growth of Re-Lilly over the past year. Re-Lilly is celebrating a 1 year anniversary on December 26th! In honor of this First Birthday and reaching over 2700 Facebook fans I will be planning another giveaway! Stay tuned for more details. 

I apologize for being MIA lately and will be blogging about what has been keeping me so busy soon. I am thrilled to report that the first Re-Lilly Holiday Gift Exchange has been a huge success! I have received a ton of great feedback and confirmed that all gifts were shipped on time. Pat yourselves on the back for being great Elves! If you participated and have not yet received your gift don't worry, many gifts went out on Monday and all are scheduled to arrive before Christmas.



Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some of My Favorite Things & You Can Get Them Too at Super Sale Prices!

Hello Readers!

It is a windy and freezing 28 degrees here in NH. With the windchill factor it feels like 10 degrees! I think I'll stay inside in my Lilly Pajamas all day! Speaking of Lilly PJ's, I love mine and they are oh so comfy! I bought Lilly Sleepwear sets from Marshalls (TJ Maxx has them too) on my recent trip to Florida for only $39.99 per set!
I'm wearing these today ~ Lilly Pink Ribbon Print
I got these too for only $39.99!
If you don't have a TJ Maxx or Marshalls nearby or maybe they are sold out you can buy them on sale at Lord & Taylor! L&T is having a Friends & Family Sale Online Today, Take 25% Off by entering the promo code; FRIENDS at Check Out. L&T has a lot of other LP for women & Minnies. The L&T Friends & Family Sale is exclusively online today and will be in stores tomorrow.Click HERE to visit the L&T Website.

Another of my favorite things is Tea! I drink tea year round. I love Iced Tea & Hot Tea. A hot cup of tea is perfect on this cold day. I had hot oatmeal (Natures Path Organic is the BEST, Click HERE for more info) for breakfast and going to now have an afternoon tea to stay warm. By the way I am going vegetarian, it has been a week today since I have eaten any meat! No red meat or poultry! I have been wanting to make the change for awhile and seeing the documentary movie FOOD, INC., (for info. on the movie click HERE) made that decision an easy one, if you have not seen the movie go watch it! It will change the way you look at food and probably will change your buying and eating habits. This movie has changed my life. We should all know where our food is coming from. (More about this later...)

My favorite brand of Tea is Tea Forte! Today Tea Forte is featured on Rue La La! I love this tea so much I just purchased over $70.00 worth on Rue La La! For those who are not already Rue La La Members: Rue La La is a private sale site, click HERE for your personal invitation.

I discovered this tea years ago on my honeymoon. Not only is it in a pretty and attractive triangle package with an adorable little green leaf on top, the taste is wonderful! Seriously, the best tea I have tasted. I am a black tea drinker but also enjoy their fruit varieties and the mint varieties are soothing and delicious! All my favorites are at blow out prices on Rue la La and they also make great gifts! Perfect for your Secret Elf Swap Partner *hint* *hint* See below!
For Only $15 on Rue La La you can get a great sampler of:
  • 15 pyramid shaped tea infusers in a tin
  • Featuring the following flavors: Chamomile Citron, Earl Grey, Citrus Mint, Black Currant, and Oasis (a blend of green tea, spring flowers and citrus infusions)
For Fun I ordered this Mixology Cocktail Set! Only $15! I can't wait to try Cocktail Teas!
I also couldn't resist the Hazelnut Truffle Tea!
.... and couldn't resist the Tea-Over-Ice pitcher with 12 pyramid shaped Pomegranate Blackberry tea infusers for $29!

If you are Looking For  A Great Deal On Lilly Pulitzer Fall Items, In The Pink is having a G-R-E-A-T SALE, 40% OFF ALL FALL, USE Promo Code: 1208 They have a great selection still available! Something for everyone on your holiday list or for your Secret Elf Swap Partner *hint* *hint*

Speaking of Elves and the Re-Lilly Holiday Gift Swap, I am hearing how much fun everyone is having! I am so happy to hear that you all love Elfster. The Secret Ask A Question Feature has been so popular! I am already getting tracking numbers. If you are participating please remember to update your profile on Elfster with your complete mailing address and send me tracking number(s) once you have shipped your gift(s). To the person who drew my name you do not have to reveal yourself with this info. Olivia & I had a ball shopping yesterday for this. Olivia hooked up with another Minnie and had so much fun at the Lilly Store shopping. On the long drive home we were listening to Christmas songs, I just adore hearing her sweet little 3 year old voice singing in the backseat. I had a little scare driving in my first snow storm of the season, I was driving along thinking I am safe in 4 Wheel drive and then I slid and realized I forgot to put the Jeep in 4-Wheel Drive (it doesn't do it automatically), total *blonde moment*, please tell me I am not the only person who does these things! We are wrapping and getting the rest of our gifts together to ship soon. Please make sure you all get your gifts shipped out with time to arrive by Christmas. I want this to be a huge success so we can do it again. I can't wait to see what everyone gives and receives! Feedback on this swap is greatly appreciated.

Oh and Finally, if you are still shopping for your swap partner Purselady Too, Under the Palm Tree & Leapin Lizards can help with some great promos especially for swap participants and have already hooked several up! 

Time to get back to school work, holiday decorating & baking! I'll put up a post soon highlighting our pink & green holidays. We are having too much fun shopping, crafting & decorating Lilly Christmas trees! Photos coming soon.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

★ Last Chance to register for the Re-Lilly Holiday Gift Swap! Have you Elfed yourself? ★

Reminder that the deadline to sign up for the Re-Lilly Holiday Gift Swap is tomorrow, December 3rd at Midnight PST! Sign up HERE!The Elfster computer will do the draw after midnight and I will not be able to manually add anyone after that time. Everyone who is registered will receive an email early in the morning the following day, Saturday, with the name of who the computer chose for you. Make sure you check your spam filters.
REMINDER to those who have signed up, please go to your profile ASAP and make sure you entered your shipping address, this information is private and the only person who will see it is the person who draws your name. Please make sure you have entered a valid shipping address before the computer draw so there will be no delays in shipping and receiving gifts.
REMEMBER you can also create a wish list with hints of things you like/don't like, your clothing size(s), your Monogram,favorite colors,things you need/things you don't need, holidays you celebrate/don't celebrate,foods you like/don't like, etc. There is also a feature where you can send secret questions to the person you are shopping for (after the draw). Have fun using Elfster! I hope this Holiday Swap will be a big success!
PLEASE make sure you ship promptly and allow enough time for gifts to arrive on or before December 24th! Remember that USPS & UPS tend to run slower during the busy holiday season. 

Credit for the beautiful photo above belongs to Melissa Caligiuri who owns MCC Designs, Click HERE to visit her Etsy Shop featuring personalized stationary. Her custom designs are beautiful! I have to go do some shopping myself :-)

If I can answer any questions or help out with any problems please let me know.

Speaking of Elves.........Have you Elfed yourself? I couldn't resist Elfing myself, my family & my Chihuahua Bella. Hope you enjoy!

Happy Holidays!