Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday Sales & Promotions

T.G.I.M.! Happy Cyber Monday! I wanted to pass along sales and promotions that I have come across. Please contact me if you have some to add that I have missed.

Lilly Pulitzer and most stores are offering this promotion for GWP

PurseLady Too
20% off any Item Today!

Under The Palm Tree

It's cyber monday! Don't forget to take advantage of that blog special for one last day, and check out those few fall sale items left! Also - if you're interested in a tree skirt and did not get one through the promotion, please email

C. Orrico

in honor of our 25th anniversary
Discount will not be reflected on your online order confirmation, but will be taken off manually at the register when the order is rung up.
Village Palm

Lifeguard Press

Pink Pelican
Pink Cyber Monday is today!! Shop with The Pink Pelican and save 20% off your order of $200 or more + get FREE SHIPPING!!! Use code CYBERMONDAY during online checkout!

North River Outfitters 

North River Outfitter Spend $150 on Lilly Pulitzer and receive an exclusive limited edition Lilly print monkey! Offer good in-store and online at Offer good while supplies last!

 If you didn't get a Lilly Bear or Monkey as GWP Paradise is selling them for $30 each + shipping and also has some Lilly shift dress ornaments for sale!

Don't forget to sign up for the First Annual Re-Lilly Gift Swap! I have set up the exchange using the social gift swap site Elfster, there you can add wish lists and give your exchange partner an idea of things you like or dislike, holidays you celebrate or don't celebrate, your sizes, favorite colors, etc. Deadline to sign up is December 3rd, Click image below!

Happy Shopping! I am off to search for pink candy canes to complete the pink Lilly Christmas Tree that Olivia & I decorated. Photos soon.......


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sanibel Island Vacation & Lilly Pulitzer 2010 Fall Warehouse Sale

I am feeling very blessed after returning from a wonderful vacation to Sanibel Island, FL and a trip to the Fall 2010 Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale!

My favorite spot to stop on the causeway from Ft. Myers, FL driving to Sanibel Island.

My suitcase full of Lilly nearly broke my back!
44 Pieces of Lilly + a few Essentials = 50 pounds!

Lilly Pulitzer Having a Ball Sandals ~ Perfect for Island Hopping & Island Shopping!

I had a ball! Spent a lot of time Shelling and doing the "Sanibel Stoop"

Beach at my resort (West Gulf) had tons of shells!
Brought home a few pounds of shells to add to my collection. Although shelling was not as great as other times I have gone I still found some gems!

West Gulf Drive

There is never a shortage of seashells or beautiful sunsets on Sanibel. Each night I enjoyed my sunset walk while scooping up beautiful shells.

 Oh so relaxing! Truly my happy place.

I got out on a boat, saw many dolphins and did some Island Hopping! I visited the remote barrier Island of Cayo Costa, only accessible by boat. Some of my favorite natural and unspoiled beaches.

 Cayo Costa ~ Narrow strip of the beach where shelling was great with the ocean on both sides.

One of several sand dollars I found on Cayo Costa!

When I wasn't shelling, aka doing the Captiva Crouch or the Sanibel Stoop, I enjoyed shopping at some of my favorite Lilly stores like The Pink Pineapple in Ft. Myers, FL, Her Sports Closet in Periwinkle Place, Sanibel and C. Orrico in Naples.
One of my favorite purchases ~ Lilly Pulitzer Balleta Dress in Hotty Pink Bloomers print

Found some adorable Lillys for my Minnie too!
24th Annual Ft. Myers Sand Sculpting Championship and Beach Festival

 I attended the 24th Annual American SandSculpting Championship & Beach Festival at Ft. Myers Beach. It is just amazing to watch these artists turn big piles of sand into works of art. The artists were so friendly and chatted with those of us watching and asking questions. It was 85+ degrees and they cheerfully worked away on the hot beach.

 and the Beast

The last photo above is the 2010 champion. To see all the winning sand sand sculptures click HERE
 The water was nice and warm. One of my favorite spots is lounging by the pool with a great ocean view
 .... and sitting under a palm tree is another favorite spot.
 Before you all start thinking I am totally spoiled I am still in school full-time and wrote 2 research papers and took my finals while I was on vacation. I adore my new Lifeguard Press Lilly Pulitzer Laptop Bag from Purselady Too! This bag has an extra pocket for my large Lifeguard Press Lilly Pulitzer Agenda and extra space for my power cord and school work. There is a zipper across the top.The best part about this laptop bag is the handles! Worked perfectly for carrying my laptop to the pool or beach. On the plane I carried a large tote bag and this laptop bag fit perfectly inside! To get yours or buy a holiday gift visit Purselady Too HERE 
Purseladytoo has great prices & FREE Shipping!
While I am mentioning Purselady Too I should also bring up the fabulous Lilly Pulitzer charm bracelet I got from Purselady Too just before leaving for vacation!
 Lilly Pulitzer Charmed Bracelet
This bracelet was a hit on vacation! When you visit Purselady Too don't forget to sign up for the Giveaway to win a Lilly Pulitzer Yoga Mat! If I don't win I hope a friend wins ;)

 I am always a little sad to leave this beautiful Island I know someday we will be living in beautiful Florida year round. My flights home were delayed due to high winds. I was so bummed! I nearly missed the Lilly Pulitzer Fall Warehouse Sale! The delay prevented me from driving down Thursday and getting in line for a number like I usually do however I was able to rest a little and make the 7 hour drive on Friday. I took my Minnie to her first Lilly Warehouse Sale!

 We made it to King of Prussia in 7 hours after going through the heavy NYC traffic. Olivia got comfy in her PJ's and tucked her friends in. She was so funny, she asked me, "Where are my Lilly pajamas to match yours?" She then became upset about having to sleep in a big bed away from home and kept asking if we could go home so she could sleep in her little (toddler) bed. I rented Disney movies for her and nothing was a long night, I slept only 2 hours.....not good because I was already sleep deprived from my delayed flights back from FL. At 5am we got ready to go get in line for the sale. When we arrived it was a typical long line wait before the doors were open at 8am.

Once inside it wasn't as crazy as expected. Pretty quiet and much less merchandise compared with my previous experiences. I have always attended on the first day so this was a nice change to have a laid back shopping experience with no waiting lines at the dressing room and register. Olivia was so well behaved! I was really worried. Taking an overtired 3 year old to the Lilly warehouse sale was a gamble! Olivia was patient while I shopped. She had fun selecting dresses to try on. Inside the dressing area I was afraid it would be a nightmare and it was a breeze! Olivia happily tried on her dresses and entertained many of the other ladies by twirling, singing and dancing! She was eating up all the compliments she kept getting.
Olivia modeling her new Kensington Printed Ruffle Dress she selected at the warehouse sale. More photos of our haul below.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Lilly Pulitzer for a wonderful Warehouse Sale! The employees were so cheerful and helpful! I can not express how grateful I am for all the great deals we got and for having the best group of gals working this sale. I only wish I wasn't so exhausted so I could have taken more photos and gotten names of these wonderful ladies. So many of you complimented Olivia & I on our matching dresses and we enjoyed chatting with all of you!
I also enjoyed meeting many friends from the Re-Lilly & Lilly Pulitzer Facebook  pages! Again, I regret being an overtired zombie and wish I had been well rested and gotten photos of all of you. It was a pleasure to put faces with names and I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful comments and gratitude expressed about Re-Lilly! I promise you all that at the next sale in June I will be better rested and will plan a dinner/cocktail meet and greet so we can all socialize more and take photos.
 After we shopped a few hours we left and got some food and then I drove Olivia by the Pink Palace aka Lilly Pulitzer corporate headquarters.

It was very cold & windy = not great photo quality! 

Next we went to the Lilly Pulitzer store in the King of Prussia Mall. At the sale we were given a 10% off coupon at the check out!
Olivia in the dressing room at Lilly in KOP Mall

 Olivia adores the festive Lilly turtle in the KOP store.

The girls working at the KOP Lilly store are amazing! So friendly and helpful! Some of the sale prices at the store were lower than the warehouse sale prices!

Visiting Santa in the King of Prussia Mall

After getting photos taken with Santa she crashed out before we even got to the car! 

Another 7 hours of driving to get home! Stuck again on the George Washington bridge in Manhattan.

Our haul
Lilly Pulitzer Sabine Shirtdress (Cameo White Twisted Print) for Mommy & matching Kensington Printed Ruffle for my Minnie

Lola Dress (Starfruit Uncontainable Print) for Mommy & matching Little Lilly Shift for my Minnie

Heidi Ruffle Tank, Aida Corduroy Pant, Bridie Dress & Blayney Ruffle Dress

Half of what I normally return home with. Many ask, "Was is worth 14 hours of driving?" YES!! Taking my Minnie to her first warehouse sale, socializing with Lilly friends and getting to meet many of you makes it all worth it!

Don't forget to sign up for the first Re-Lilly Holiday Gift Swap by clicking HERE

 Olivia at home after sleeping all the way home. She loves her new dress and new pink sequin shoes that she insisted she "needed"! A shopaholic in the making!

I'd love to hear feedback on the Lilly Warehouse Sale, this blog and the Re-Lilly Holiday gift swap!

Happy Thanksgiving!