Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Collars Up! My visit with Lisa Birnbach & Chip Kidd Authors of True Prep at NYC Fashion Night Out

After attending the first NYC Fashion Night Out 2009 I knew I would not miss Fashion Night Out 2010! At the top of my FNO to do list was visiting Bloomingdale's for the True Prep Book Launch to meet Lisa Birnbach & Chip Kidd!

 While waiting for Lisa & Chip to arrive I did some shopping......in the Lilly Pulitzer department of course!
Limited Edition Bloomingdale's Lilly True Prep Polos, can be ordered by calling Lilly specialist Tanya @ 59th St.NYC .... (212) 705-2411
I was lucky enough to be one of the first few in the meet & greet book signing line and the wait was short!
Next was my turn to chat with Lisa and get my book signed. Lisa was as charming, witty and funny in person as she is in the book.
 Unfortunately this didn't come out as clear as I had hoped, my Mom took it with my Droid. Lisa was extremely generous with her time while chatting with fans. We had fun talking about Old & New Preppy and mostly about Preppy Fashion. Lisa of course knew I was wearing Lilly.
Chip was stylish, charming and funny! Chip filled in the front of my book, now my secret is out, I was kicked out of school for being a Naked Cheerleader, tee-hee-hee! Unfortunately you can't really see the funny faces we were making in the photo below because it is so blurry. I am sad this photo didn't come out better but I guess that is what happens when you have your technology challenged Mother take a photo with your Smartphone ;)

After the book signing and meet & greet Chip & Lisa did a presentation, then a Q&A with the audience. They were hilarious and very entertaining!

After Lisa & Chip were done we headed to the 7th Floor to watch Alexa Ray Joel (daughter of Billy Joel & Christie Brinkley) perform live. She is amazing! I was front row and if you haven't heard her music go download her songs! She is a very talented performer and clearly a rising star. MTV called her performance "One of the Top 11 Musical moments at Fashion Night Out 2010"  Full article Here

After her performance she took time to chat with fans, take photos and sign autographs. Even when security was trying to rush her out of the crowd she told them she didn't mind and wanted to take the time to meet with her fans. She is a class act! I have another blurry photo taken of me with Alexa but won't post it because it is as bad or worse that the photo above with Chip Kidd. Note to self: Have someone else besides Mom take photos next time! (Sorry Mom!)

While at Bloomingdale's we also ate at Forty Carrots on the 7th Floor of Bloomies.  No trip to NYC is complete without a visit to Forty Carrots. The food is great, healthy, affordable and the frozen yogurt is heavenly!
Hands down the best frozen yogurt I have ever had, yes, better than Red Mango & Pinkberry! I was so inspired I purchased a Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt machine to make my own at home! 

No trip to NYC is complete without a visit to the Lilly Store on Madison Av.!
The Fabulous Lisa Birnbach shopping at the Lilly Store on Madison (Photo from Facebook)
Lisa Birnbach said she met Chipp Kidd on Facebook! Isn't Facebook amazing!?! Connecting Lilly Lovers & Preps around the world!

While out shopping we stopped in Tiffany's on 5th Av., I asked my husband if I could get one of these 10.5 karat rings for my 40th birthday?
he said, "Put them on next year's list!" What's a few million dollars?

I went to see Mamma Mia on Broadway, again, ABBA never gets old! Best seats I have ever had (3rd Row) and paid the least amount ever for a Broadway Show!
Some Pink & Green preppy M&M's for my Minnie from the M&M Store in Times Square
I am always sad to leave Manhattan. I can't wait to go back and visit Bloomie's & the Lilly store! Now I am counting down the days until the Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale, 53 days away!



Glitterista said...

What a fun fun fun trip! You look great in the photos and I can't wait to hear if you make the frozen yogurt at home. I adore stopping by the Tiffany store--last time the concierge told the bf and I to "head right on up" to the engagement rings. ;)

Tina said...

Thanks for sharing.. how fun! You are fabulous!!
I want a true prep polo.. where oh where do we get them!

LillyxxGal said...

Thank you Glitterista! I made vanilla frozen yogurt, and it came out delicious! Not as perfect as Forty carrots but close! I'll have to do a blog about it and post the recipe :-)

Thanks Tina, you are Fabulous too! The NYC Bloomingdale's Store is the exclusive retailer for the Lilly True Prep Polo, call the NYC Store and ask for the Lilly department (3rd Floor) and you should be able to order by phone!


LillyxxGal said...

Jamie shared the information on Re-Lilly for ordering Bloomingdale's Lilly True Prep Polos, here it is:
Lilly specialist Tanya @ 59th St. .... (212) 705-2411