Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Lilly Pulitzer! Celebrating Lilly's Birthday with a Giveaway!

Happy Birthday Lilly!
If it wasn't for this amazing lady we wouldn't have all these beautiful and colorful clothes and there would be no Re-Lilly! I think of all the lives she has touched and changed for the better! She has brought color and joy to so many and her name is more than a brand, Lilly is a Lifestyle! I live by the color of happiness!
A photo I took while visiting the Pink Palace

Another photo I took inside The Pink Palace

How are you celebrating Lilly's Birthday?
I am packing my suitcase full of Lillys and taking a vacation to Florida. While I am traveling Florida one of my many planned activities on my itinerary is to visit the Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History

November 10th marks the Birthday
of legendary Florida fashion designer
Ms. Lilly Pulitzer 
Complimentary Fruit Juice will be served on Saturday, November 13th at MLFH

The Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History (MLFH) is currently presenting For the Love of LILLY. This multi-media exhibit provides a historical, social and educational context about the Lilly Pulitzer fashions and their appeal to the Preppy American.   The Lilly Pulitzer boldly-colored clothes arrived on the fashion scene in 1959 and garnered an immediate following of well-bred socialites and old-money. Some items in the exhibit include original Lilly-Shift dresses, Lilly orange juice containers, Lilly cocktail napkins and trays; and Lilly men's golf shirts. The exhibit features more than 80 vintage Lilly Pulitzer clothes, accessories and original fabric.

The Lilly Pulitzer story begins in 1959 when Lilly was operating a juice stand in the Town of Palm Beach, Florida, located right off Worth Avenue in Via Mizner. The citrus stains that splashed upon her clothing inspired her to create brightly colored designs to help conceal the juice stains.  Lilly Pulitzer was eventually crowned the Queen of Prep because her resort desgins were extremely popular among Preppy Americans.  Lilly worked with a team of artisans at Key West Hand Print Fabrics who printed her famous fabrics in Key West, Florida.  The exhibit is on display through May 31, 2011.

To celebrate Lilly's November 10th birthday, complimentary fruit juice will be served with paid admissions at the Museum on this Saturday, November 13th from 11am to 3pm. The juice is being sponsored by Donnie's Place Southern Restaurant.
(Information provided by Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History)

I have been waiting a long time to see the Lilly exhibit and so excited to be finally going!

I also wanted to mention that Most Lilly Stores are having sales & promotions (GWP) to honor Lilly's Birthday! 


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I have added my own Lilly Giveaway!

In Celebration of Lilly's Birthday let's have a little fun with a LILLY GIVEAWAY! I am packing to leave for FL in a few hours, to enter the giveaway post below (or on Re-Lilly Facebook Page) telling me 1. How you celebrate Lilly's Birthday/What are you wearing? & 2. How many pieces of Lilly do you think I fit in my suitcase? the person who guesses correctly (or closest) wins a Goodie bag filled with Lifeguard Press Lilly items!

Life ~ Lilly ~ and the Pursuit of Happiness!

XOX Sue  


Susan said...

Wearing multiple festivities! Pink and green of course. I'm guessing 13 Lilly items in the suitcase! Love to win!

ferglet13 said...

I'm wearing a colorful tunic today. Did you pack more than 22 Lillys in your suitcase?

Barbara said...

I'm wearing my pink and green today and sharing the lilly lifestyle with others! I think you can fit 16 Lilly items into your suitcase! Have a great trip, sounds like a blast! :)

Elle said...

Is it too late to enter? I say 14.