Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sneakpeeq......Are You A Gold Digger?

Hello Re-Lilly & Pink Closet Re-Cycled Fashions Friends!

What is sneakpeeq? My New FAVORITE Flash Sale site! Fabulously Fun Social Shopping! Watch this short video to see what all the excitement is about!

 Click HERE to Join sneakpeeq and get your FREE $10

Sneakpeeq is FREE to join and using the link above will get you a FREE $10 Account Credit! Description from the sneakpeeq website: "Online shopping, with short sales, great deals, and new stores daily. Everything has a fixed price, that you can lower further by being more active on sneakpeeq and earning badges". Sneakpeeq has become a great source of Lilly like accessories for me! Amazing jewelry, handbags that coordinate well with my Lilly in addition to cosmetics/personal care and home goods. Sneakpeeq is a different spin on ‘group buying’, Sneakpeeq is an offers-based shopping platform that drops the buying price every time a user clicks on the product’s “peeq” button (much better than falling prices at Wal-Mart ;-). Once someone buys the item, it resets to the original price and resumes to price-drop once next next person ‘peeqs’ at the price. New Boutiques daily with prices slashed up to 70% OFF RETAIL! Sneakpeeq has daily bonus offers for extra discounts for peeking, sharing, liking and shopping! One of the current offers is FREE Shipping for the rest of this year on all purchases until 1/1/2013 after you buy 4 items! I LOVE FREE SHIPPING, Don't you?

What kind of items are Sold on SneakpeeqAccessories (think great jewelry and handbags to match your Lilly), Beauty Products (well known brands like OPI), Apparel, Gourmet foodHousewaresBeverages, and more! I'll post a few of my recent purchases below! 

Are you a Gold Digger? Or a Diamond Digger like me? My latest favorite purchase on sneakpeeq is Diamond Candles! The brand that hides a ring inside every quality scented soy candle. Each scented soy candle comes with a Diamond Ring buried inside! These diamond rings range in value from $10- $5,000! You never know until you burn your candle if your ring will have a $10, $100, $300, $1,000 or $5,000 value! Does digging for gold, diamonds, silver, platinum and gemstones sound like fun? This is Cracker Jacks for big girls! Here is a short video about Diamond Candles:  

Diamond Candles are currently on sneakpeeq for the lowest prices I have ever seen but hurry this sale ends in 1 day! ** Note Sale has been extended, ends in 3 days! Here are a couple of my favorite scents:

Tropical Retreat
Watermelon & Ring

I think they are a great value, I have spent more on Yankee Candles and prefer Diamond Candles! Below is a video of Customer reviews showcasing actual products, candles burning and ring removals!

Enjoy! On the Diamond Candles Website there is a comprehensive FAQ Section that answers all your questions. 

Get a ring that is the wrong size or not your cup of tea? No worries, there is a Diamond Candles Facebook Swap Page! Click HERE to Swap your Diamond Candle Rings!

What else have I bought on sneakpeeq? My FAVORITE Skin & Body Care Products, Pangea
For those not familiar with Pangea, the line is Organic, Plant Based ECOCENTRIC BODYCARE:
Always Beneficial, Never Artificial

organic & fair trade

petroleum-based ingredients
sulfates or detergents
synthetic preservatives
artificial colors or fragrances

Complete product information on the Pangea Website, click HERE.

For Health Reasons I made the switch to Pangea. I tried many brands that are GMO/petroleum/sulfate free and always came back to Pangea, they are the BEST!! Pangea is currently on sneakpeeq at incredible prices! I just restocked on my favorite body lotion:
French Chamomile Hand & Body Lotion

My previous purchases include the entire Pangea Skin Care Regimen 
The Pangea Sale Boutique on sneakpeeq Ends in 4 Days! I highly recommend all of their quality products for healthy skin from head to toe!

My next sneakpeeq purchase will likely be this 24K Gold Plated Sand Dollar wrap bracelet from Love Of Pretty. I have a lot of Lilly that would match beautifully! Reminds me of the many Sand Dollars I have been collecting from Sanibel Island.

What are you waiting for? Hurry to sneakpeeq! Happy Shopping!
xx Sue

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