Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pea Pod Paper & Gifts Giveaway Winner Announced & The Scoop on Lilly Furniture!

     Wow, is it really almost Memorial Day already? Time to clean out the closets! I need to do a major clean out to make room for my New Lilly Pulitzer Furniture!! I'll be going through every closet, jewelry box and Tote (yes, I have totes I still haven't unpacked since moving to Florida!)and will be posting all of it on Re-Lilly and The Pink Closet
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So I've had a ton of people messaging and emailing me asking where I bought my Lilly Pulitzer furniture. See my Lilly Pulitzer furniture haul below!

Top Left: Tangiers Bed in Scorched Bamboo Retail $2,200
Top Right & Lower Right: O'Hara Bar Cart Retail $1500
Lower Left: Pink Boulevard Chair Retail $859

     A little back story..... HFI Brands produced the Lilly Pulitzer furniture line. I had my eye on the Aster Bedroom Set (Bed, Vanity, Mirror and bureau), the Boulevard Chair (to go with the vanity) and the O'Hara Bar Cart but couldn't justify the hefty price tags for furniture I didn't "need". When I heard HFI Brands had Closed and was no longer making the Lilly Pulitzer furniture I was a little sad to think I would never get to own Lilly furniture. 
     Then a Lilly friend (Thank you Melonie C.!) had shared with me that a discounter in Jacksonville, Florida had some Lilly furniture for sale! Jax is a 5 hour drive from where I live in SW Florida and I don't own a vehicle large enough to carry a lot of furniture, so what's a Lilly Obsessed girl desperate for Lilly furniture to do? Rent a big truck and drive 10 hours!! After pricing UHaul Rentals, Truck Rentals, Freight Shippers,Gas costs etc. I determined it was most economical to rent a large truck and spend the money on gas and time driving myself to get this Lilly furniture!! I had called and the discounter does not ship, cash and carry only. After chatting with other Lilly Lovers earlier this week I embarked on this adventure and was lucky enough to meet another wonderful Lilly Lover there! I got to meet Mica, co-owner of Mica and Molly's in Melbourne, FL! <<<Click to visit her website.
     If you are looking for Lilly and want excellent service check out Mica and Molly's! I look forward to visiting her store the next time I am in the Melbourne area (side note, this beautiful area is home to one of our favorite Zoos, The Brevard County Zoo, where my Minnie loves to feed the giraffes!).

     The name of the discount store is Viktor's Payless & Groceries, a Salvage, Furniture & Grocery Store, think Big Lots or Ocean State Job Lots type of store. The place was hysterical, everything from pink Tic Tacs to cleaning supplies and groceries. The owner Viktor was fabulous to deal with. We literally arrived in the nick of time. We were taken to a nearby neighborhood to a warehouse where the Lilly furniture was kept. Viktor's phone was ringing off the hook with others desperate for Lilly furniture and people came into the store and bought his last 5 Boulevard chairs while I was there. 
     Viktor explained that HFI Brands assets were seized and all the goods were sold at auction where he bought several hundred pieces of each style, 500 of the Boulevard chairs! He had designers and decorators from Miami, Palm Beach, Boca and all over buying 20-80 pieces each. The furniture flew out the door, literally! The Boulevard Chairs were $150 each, the Bar Carts were $99 each, all have sold out. Don't despair, he still has King & Queen beds for $698 and Twin beds $598. Also still for sale is the white etagere for $298. Viktor asked me to share these items with other Lilly Lovers on Re-Lilly. See photos below
etagere $298

Tangiers Queen Bed $698

Tangiers Twin Bed $598
I tried to get a side view, but was difficult because it was cramped in the store but the detail on these beds is gorgeous!
Viktor and his employees were fabulous, they loaded my furniture for me and then strapped it down  for my long drive home.

The only other negative besides a 10 hour drive was the love bugs! ICK!!!  Florida love bug season stinks! You can't easily wash these buggers off your vehicle. I stopped several times at gas stations and didn't have much luck getting them off. By the time I got home I could barely see out of the windshield. Thank goodness this is a rental and I don't have to wash it! Love bugs are a small price to pay to live in paradise! A small price to pay for Lilly furniture. 

What a fun Lilly adventure! Next Lilly adventure for me is the Lilly Warehouse Sale! Are you planning to attend the Lilly Warehouse Sale? An event for Warehouse Sale Discussions has been set up on Re-Lilly, here is the link:

Last and certainly not least, the Lucky Winner of the Lilly Pulitzer Ugotta Regatta Insulated Cooler and Matching Coozie from Pea Pod Paper & Gifts Giveaway has been drawn and is posted below! Due to New Facebook Rules for Promotions and Giveaways we can not post the Winners Name directly on Facebook (for those who are interested see article E. Promotions in the Facebook Pages Terms, last update 5/14/2013, Re-Lilly is a compliant page that stays up to date on the rules to avoid the Re-Lilly page ever being compromised or removed)

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Cheers! xo Sue

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ammandy said...

Viktor's is awesome. I used to live in Jax and loved going there years ago when it was called Denny's Salvage Mart. You can find real gems, but they go fast!

They have a little of everything, just be careful to check expiration dates on food.