Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer Giveaway Winner Announced, Pumpkins, Fall Traditions, Festivals & Celebrations

My Minnie & I were leaving gymnastics and I noticed this beautiful tree and snapped a photo with my cell phone!
I will admit that I don't care for Fall because it gets really cold here in NH and I know what comes after. I am a summer girl who gets a little sad when the beach closes, the weather turns cold and the leaves fall off the trees so I try to make the most of the season by finding fun activities. In our house we love to carve and decorate pumpkins. Every year I do something Lilly, Pink, Girlie or all of the above! Here are some photos of this years pumpkins.
My Little Pumpkin with the pumpkins we made

We had so much fun shopping for Halloween costumes and carving and decorating our pumpkins.
Custom carved Lilly pumpkin ~ we decoupaged with Lilly Taboo napkins and spray painted the floral pick on top
Our custom carved palm tree, sponge painted pink and hand painted floral pick with Lilly ribbon
 Mini decoupaged Lilly taboo pumpkin

Below are some photos of our pumpkins lit at night 

Below are a few photos of previous years pumpkins
Miss Bella in my store display window during the Keene Pumpkin Festival. We had 90,000 visitors that year!
While pregnant with Olivia ~ just found out I was going to have a girl...hard to remember life before her!
Saturday we attended the 20th Annual Keene Pumpkin Festival. Keene (city population 23,000) was the Guinness World Record holder for the most lit jack-o-lanterns in one place! The record was 28,952 until recently when Boston (population 645,000)stole our record. The Keene Pumpkin Festival is pretty amazing, especially for a small town. Scaffolding is set up and pumpkins are displayed as tall as the buildings in downtown. Attendance is usually 70,000 people, or more, from around the world who want to see and smell 28,000 carved and lit pumpkins in one place. There is nothing like it in the world! For more information on the Pumpkin Festival click HERE

Below are some of my personal photos from Pumpkin Festival.

Scaffolding as tall as buildings filled with carved pumpkins

Looks so pretty at night and smells so good!

What are your favorite Fall traditions? Do you dress up for Halloween or carve pumpkins? Please share your stories.

Drum Roll.................................................

The Lucky Winner of the Set of Lifeguard Press Lilly Pulitzer Koozies is #8

Congratulations Carrie! 
Please send me your mailing address so I can ship the Koozies to you!

Wishing all Re-Lilly friends a Happy Halloween!

XOX Sue 


Carole said...

Congrats, Carrie!

Love your pink pumpkins--clever to use decoupaged napkins on the Lilly signature one.

I always get wistful in the autumn as I am a Spring and Summer gal. Last winter and being snowed in multiple times did me in. When I lived in Keene, I visited Keene many times but somehow missed the Pumpkin Festival--looks like fun.

Anonymous said...

You're Lilly pumpkins are great! I'd say they could sit right alongside those at the festival you went to.

Congrats Carrie!

Kristin Schnurbusch said...

Those pumpkins are WONDERFUL!! I am going to carve some this week and that makes me so happy to see lilly and just plan pink ones!! We usually do pink and green for Christmas but now I might try it for Halloween tooooo. <3 Thanks for sharing!

Southern Lilly Lover said...

Love the decoupaged one! So adorable. I am staring this page to remember it for next year!

carrie said...

Thanks, Sue!!!! Pink pumpkins and cute coozies- what a way to start this rainy, cold day :-) Plus we're decorating pumpkins this weekend and you've given me some great ideas.

Jamie said...

Congrats Carrie! The Lilly koozies are so darn cute. I got one free with my Purseladytoo order.

Love the pictures! I love fall, but here in Texas it is a bit different. The threat of cold is still a little while off for now, and we worry our Halloween costumes will be too hot!

GP CUPCAKE said...

I love ALL your pumpkins!! You are so talented and creative!!! You must post a "how to" next time!

Lilly and Lacrosse Sticks said...

Congrats to Carrie!

Sue, I love your pumpkins! They are too cute! I'm considering carving my monogram or a bow into a pumpkin. (Hopefully it won't get all gross in the Miami weather!)

The Preppy Princess said...

Goodness gracious, those are absolutely *amazing* pumpkins! I love them all! And the little Princess is precious, what a beauty.

Sending you a smile,

Mona said...

Y'all are serious about your pumpkins! Thank you for sharing these fun photos. Love the Lilly & pink pumpkins. But my fav pic is the adorable Princess!

Tara said...

Congratulations, Carrie!

Those pumpkins are adorable! I really love the palm tree. :) xoxo

GrandeMocha said...

LOVE the Lilly pumpkins!!!! I'm too lazy to do this with a real pumpkin but I will take the time with a Funkin because they are fake & resuseable. Hmmm gives me some ideas for this weekend.