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Meeting Lilly at The Authentically Preppy LILLY Party & Giveaway Winner Announced!

Dear Readers:
I apologize for the delay in posting, due to the big snowstorm in the Northeast my flights home were canceled and I stayed in Florida a few extra days and then I lost my cable for my camera so I was unable to download photos until now. Downloading the many high resolution photos to my computer and then uploading them has taken many hours. For those who don't blog, the photo uploader on blogspot is very slow! Writing this blog has taken many hours and I hope you will enjoy!
At the Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History (MLFH) Authentically Preppy LILLY Party

On Saturday, January 8, 2011, I was fortunate enough to attend the Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History (MLFH) Authentically Preppy LILLY Party in celebration of the For the Love of LILLY Exhibit at MLFH where I got to meet Ms. Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau! The guests in attendance traveled from around the country from California to New Hampshire and many states in between! Plus, prominent community leaders in attendance were from the areas of Palm Beach , Ocean Ridge, Boynton Beach , Boca Raton , Delray Beach & Miami .  The MLFH lobby was standing-room only with approximately 100 people in attendance.When I arrived Lilly was just getting there and I was lucky enough to get to chat with her before the crowd formed for photos. 
Lilly's arrival!
Lilly with her dear friend Anne Fraser
Lilly was escorted by her sweet friend and neighbor, Anne Fraser, who was a delight to chat with. Lilly was cheerful, fun and so affectionate. Lilly was delighted when I told her that I dress in matching Lilly with my Minnie almost everyday. It was wonderful to get to personally thank her for starting this lifestyle brand that brings me happiness every day. Lilly was very humble and was surprised that people traveled so far to meet her. 
A dream come true meeting Lilly!
After visiting with Lilly I took my time viewing every piece of Lilly on display. 
When Lilly the brand was born!
Lilly in the 60's
Lilly in the 70's
There are fabulous Lilly quotes posted throughout the Museum. 
I loved reading all the history pieces and sharing the experience with other Lilly lovers.

Some of the wonderful Lilly Lovers I met that night.
I met so many wonderful people that evening and exchanged many business cards. I look forward to following up with all of them. There was a society photographer there who I will be following up with to obtain more photos and will share them later. 
A wonderful exhibit about Mary Lane
Lilly and Mary Lane, looking fabulous in the Saemus Dripping in Jewels, one of my favorite dresses
Aside from Lilly I also got to meet some other very special people like the fabulous Mary Lane, the self-appointed Lilly Ambassador (acknowledged and agreed upon by Lilly corporate), who was kind enough to invite me to the party as her guest. Mary has some amazing items on display in the museum and she is on the MLFH Committee. Attending with Mary was the sweet and talented Melissa Caligiuri, who is the owner and designer of MCC Designs Preppy Etsy Shop selling personalized/monogrammed Stationery, note pads, tags, labels and more: Sadly I somehow missed getting a photo of Melissa, I think I was star struck from meeting Lilly.
Kristina Kreiger and Lilly
I also got to meet the incredible Kristina Krieger who created the We Love Vintage Lilly Facebook Group: Kristina probably has the most items in the MLFH Lilly exhibit! Not only does Kristina have an amazing collection of vintage Lilly but she creates the most beautiful items from Lilly fabrics Vintage and newer), headbands, hair bows, baby booties, jewelry, ornaments, pin cushions, purses and more! Her business is called Lotus and Lilly and you can find her shop here: 
Some of Kristina's beautiful items

For my Minnie's 3rd Birthday Party Kristina made us the most beautiful set of matching Lilly headbands in the Taboo (elephants & palm trees) print to match the party theme and decorations. 
Vintage Minnie dress that belongs to Kristina Krieger ~ One of my favorite pieces on display
Kristina's Vintage Dress ~ Information below

Another favorite of mine, Giraffe print vintage skirt that belong to Kristina Krieger ~ Information Below

Lilly in the 80's

Lilly in the 90's

Lilly in the 2000's
I loved reading these stories posted throughout the Museum
Postcard of Key West Hand Print Fabrics where Lilly fabrics were originally produced

Ever wonder why "Lilly" was hidden in the prints?

Vintage Men's Jacket
Vintage Bucket Purse from the 70's
Palm Beach Daily News 1979

I took my time at the Museum by reading and  enjoying every piece of Lilly history

Vintage dress that belongs to Mary Lane
Vintage dress that belongs to Heather Emery ~ Details below

Vintage Men's Night Shirt that belongs to heather Emery ~ Details below

Heather Emery has many fabulous Vintage Lillys on display

Garcelle Dress for the 50th Jubilee Collection ~ Belongs to Siv Lam see below
The Colorful Cause 50th Collection is definitely one of my favorite collections

Anne Fraser with Lilly who is being serenaded by 7 year old Willow Moffett 
Beautiful Lilly Floral arrangements by Sunde Marie Farquhar
Lilly, Mary Lane, Lori J. Durante,Executive Director~Chief Curator, and Vanessa Carosella, Committee Chairperson

 Lilly, Vanessa Carosella~ Committe Chairperson, and Skyler Carosella, Junior Co-Chairperson, note~ Skyler painted much of the walls in the Lilly exhibit! I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with Vanessa and Skyler


It was an honor to meet all of these and many other fabulous Lilly Lovers! If you are in the Palm Beach/Boynton Beach area make sure you visit MLFH! Lori J. Durante, Executive Director/Chief Curator will give you a warm welcome. I send a huge Thank you to Lori, Vanessa Carosella, Chairperson for The Authentically preppy Party and to the Co-Chair Skylar Carosella, it was a pleasure getting to chat with all of you during the party. Thank you to all the committee members for making this magical night a reality! 
Barbie is also celebrating 50 years and has an exhibit!
Vintage Barbie Dolls

I also enjoyed viewing the Barbie: History, Fashions & More Exhibit, Like Lilly, Barbie is celebrating 50 years and there are over 100 Barbie dolls on display! For more information on visiting MLFH:
Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History
801 N. Congress Avenue, Suite 483
Boynton Beach, FL 33426
(Inside the Boynton Beach Mall near Sears)
Phone: 561-243-2662

TOO MUCH LILLY IS NEVER ENOUGH! I hope to go back and visit MKLFH again before the Lilly Exhibit closes.

Before I post the winner of the Re-Lilly Giveaway I want to Thank ALL of You who voted for me in the Ugly Sweater Photo Contest, I WON!! I am so thrilled to win an iPad! Thank you for your support!

Now for the winner of the Re-Lilly 1st Birthday Giveaway! There were 171 entries and was used to select a random winner.
Congratulations to lucky #2.....
Beverly's Prizes, except her tree will be complete with Lilly wrapped gifts under her tree!

Congratulations Beverly! You are the lucky winner of the Pink Christmas tree, complete with decorations and gifts under the tree! I hope you will enjoy your belated Christmas gifts! Please contact me with your shipping address:

Don't be sad if you weren't the winner this time. Re-Lilly will have another giveaway soon! We are close to reaching 3000 Facebook fans and will have some sort of celebration and giveaway when we reach 3000! If any Lilly store owners, Etsey Shop owners, Preppy Product stores or websites want to join in on the next Re-Lilly Blog Giveaway please contact me ASAP:



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Fabulous re-cap of the event and great pictures. So glad to meet you Sue .. just wish we would of had a photo taken together!!
Thanks for mentioning mcc designs! xx

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Thank you so much for sharing the adventure with us Sue!
I would love to wander through the exhibit reading every single card and examining every single print. Oh and to meet Lilly herself would be fabulous!

Congratulations to Bev! I am sure she and her Minnie will adore the pink tree!

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Thank you for taking the time to share this with all of us! I want to go so badly, but PA to FL doesn't seem like a possibility at this time. :(
I love the stories and pictures and Lilly herself!
Thanks again and I'm sure meeting Lilly is a moment you will cherish forever!

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