Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Swirl ~ A new favorite shopping destination! Featuring Dogeared Jewelry Today!

I am a big fan of online private sale sites that feature my favorite brands and recently discovered Swirl. What is Swirl? It's a place to buy clothes and accessories at up to 80% off from designers you love and buzz-worthy fashion-world newbies. Swirl was launched at the beginning of this year by Daily Candy, the well known fashion newsletter. If you like Rue La La & Gilt you will love Swirl!

Today Swirl is featuring one of my favorite jewelry brands, Dogeared Jewelry! For those already familiar with the brand you know how wonderful it is, just wait until you see the prices on Swirl! Those new to Dogeared will probably fall in love at first sight. Dogeared is a best selling jewelry line and is wonderful for gift giving! Dogeared jewels are worn by celebrities and been featured in all the major magazines. I have been wearing the brand for years. Beware, like Lilly Pulitzer, Dogeared becomes addictive! I love my collection of necklaces and often times layer Dogeared necklaces together and the jewelry looks fabulous with Lilly! Dogeared is sold in fine stores like Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, etc., and is the official jewelry line for Sex and the City (first movie), visit for more information. ALL DOGEARED IS MADE IN THE USA, Crafted in California!
The Pearls Collection has been a long time best seller, I personally already own this necklace and LOVE it! This genuine pink freshwater pearl necklace comes on a gold chain and looks elegant on it's own or pretty layered with other necklaces, It is only $15.00! (Retail $32)
Dogeared's Make a Wish Collection has also been a Best Seller, this necklace is only $15 on Swirl! (retail $30)
Guardian Angel makes a PERFECT Holiday Gift! Also on Swirl today!

Dogeared also makes beautiful earrings and available at great prices on Swirl!
Emerald Jade Earrings Only $22 on Swirl!

Dogeared also does Silver Jewelry, Bracelets & reusable tote bags, all available on Swirl! HURRY things are selling out fast! Today I invite all my friends to become members using this link for your personal invitation to this private sale! While you are there check out some of the other great designer lines and the holiday shop!

I can't resist the Eco-Friendly - Kor Water Bottle - Pink on Swirl!
I am getting my holiday shopping done and finding a few goodies for myself along the way. 
Happy Shopping!


miss garlic said...

first, i love love love dogeared. great customer service, great product, fun to give as gifts.

however, i cannot help but share my absolutely horrible experience with swirl by daily candy. i would NEVER suggest anyone purchase anything from there. in early november i placed an order with them. i was charged the amound of my order to COMCAST. my credit card company said it was for satellite services. called swirl to confirm it was comcast, and the person did not know.

i still have not received my entire order from them. i called to check in this over a week ago and was told i would recieve a call or email back on the status of my order. magically, one order arrived on monday. still have not been updated or heard anything about the rest of my order, which i paid for, in entirity, the day i placed it.

an apology goes a long way with me - at no point in time was swirl apologetic, helpful, accomdating, or intending to make me happy.

I WOULD NEVER BUY AGAIN FROM THEM. even if it's a deal.

LillyxxGal said...

Sorry to hear about the bad experience you had with Swirl, I have had only great experiences with them & Rue la La. For these prices on Dogeared it is worth the risk for me, if there are problems with the order then they will hear about it. Because you used a credit card your credit card company should cover you. I hope it works out for you.

xx Sue

Anonymous said...

I've been shopping the great styles on Swirl for several months and am having a heck of a time getting a return processed. Over a month has passed since shipping a poor-fitting but lovely pair of shoes back. Eight emails later and still no credit. I get a lot of "non-answers" back on email, but no resolution. What a bother!

LillyxxGal said...

Dear Anonymous,
Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Thank you for sharing with us. Buyers beware! Dogeared jewelry is amazing and can be purchased directly if anyone likes the jewelry here but not wanting to buy on Swirl, visit and the jewelry can also be found in fine stores like Nordstroms.