Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some of My Favorite Things & You Can Get Them Too at Super Sale Prices!

Hello Readers!

It is a windy and freezing 28 degrees here in NH. With the windchill factor it feels like 10 degrees! I think I'll stay inside in my Lilly Pajamas all day! Speaking of Lilly PJ's, I love mine and they are oh so comfy! I bought Lilly Sleepwear sets from Marshalls (TJ Maxx has them too) on my recent trip to Florida for only $39.99 per set!
I'm wearing these today ~ Lilly Pink Ribbon Print
I got these too for only $39.99!
If you don't have a TJ Maxx or Marshalls nearby or maybe they are sold out you can buy them on sale at Lord & Taylor! L&T is having a Friends & Family Sale Online Today, Take 25% Off by entering the promo code; FRIENDS at Check Out. L&T has a lot of other LP for women & Minnies. The L&T Friends & Family Sale is exclusively online today and will be in stores tomorrow.Click HERE to visit the L&T Website.

Another of my favorite things is Tea! I drink tea year round. I love Iced Tea & Hot Tea. A hot cup of tea is perfect on this cold day. I had hot oatmeal (Natures Path Organic is the BEST, Click HERE for more info) for breakfast and going to now have an afternoon tea to stay warm. By the way I am going vegetarian, it has been a week today since I have eaten any meat! No red meat or poultry! I have been wanting to make the change for awhile and seeing the documentary movie FOOD, INC., (for info. on the movie click HERE) made that decision an easy one, if you have not seen the movie go watch it! It will change the way you look at food and probably will change your buying and eating habits. This movie has changed my life. We should all know where our food is coming from. (More about this later...)

My favorite brand of Tea is Tea Forte! Today Tea Forte is featured on Rue La La! I love this tea so much I just purchased over $70.00 worth on Rue La La! For those who are not already Rue La La Members: Rue La La is a private sale site, click HERE for your personal invitation.

I discovered this tea years ago on my honeymoon. Not only is it in a pretty and attractive triangle package with an adorable little green leaf on top, the taste is wonderful! Seriously, the best tea I have tasted. I am a black tea drinker but also enjoy their fruit varieties and the mint varieties are soothing and delicious! All my favorites are at blow out prices on Rue la La and they also make great gifts! Perfect for your Secret Elf Swap Partner *hint* *hint* See below!
For Only $15 on Rue La La you can get a great sampler of:
  • 15 pyramid shaped tea infusers in a tin
  • Featuring the following flavors: Chamomile Citron, Earl Grey, Citrus Mint, Black Currant, and Oasis (a blend of green tea, spring flowers and citrus infusions)
For Fun I ordered this Mixology Cocktail Set! Only $15! I can't wait to try Cocktail Teas!
I also couldn't resist the Hazelnut Truffle Tea!
.... and couldn't resist the Tea-Over-Ice pitcher with 12 pyramid shaped Pomegranate Blackberry tea infusers for $29!

If you are Looking For  A Great Deal On Lilly Pulitzer Fall Items, In The Pink is having a G-R-E-A-T SALE, 40% OFF ALL FALL, USE Promo Code: 1208 They have a great selection still available! Something for everyone on your holiday list or for your Secret Elf Swap Partner *hint* *hint*

Speaking of Elves and the Re-Lilly Holiday Gift Swap, I am hearing how much fun everyone is having! I am so happy to hear that you all love Elfster. The Secret Ask A Question Feature has been so popular! I am already getting tracking numbers. If you are participating please remember to update your profile on Elfster with your complete mailing address and send me tracking number(s) once you have shipped your gift(s). To the person who drew my name you do not have to reveal yourself with this info. Olivia & I had a ball shopping yesterday for this. Olivia hooked up with another Minnie and had so much fun at the Lilly Store shopping. On the long drive home we were listening to Christmas songs, I just adore hearing her sweet little 3 year old voice singing in the backseat. I had a little scare driving in my first snow storm of the season, I was driving along thinking I am safe in 4 Wheel drive and then I slid and realized I forgot to put the Jeep in 4-Wheel Drive (it doesn't do it automatically), total *blonde moment*, please tell me I am not the only person who does these things! We are wrapping and getting the rest of our gifts together to ship soon. Please make sure you all get your gifts shipped out with time to arrive by Christmas. I want this to be a huge success so we can do it again. I can't wait to see what everyone gives and receives! Feedback on this swap is greatly appreciated.

Oh and Finally, if you are still shopping for your swap partner Purselady Too, Under the Palm Tree & Leapin Lizards can help with some great promos especially for swap participants and have already hooked several up! 

Time to get back to school work, holiday decorating & baking! I'll put up a post soon highlighting our pink & green holidays. We are having too much fun shopping, crafting & decorating Lilly Christmas trees! Photos coming soon.



michele salmon said...

sue, just love the jammies in the first pic - need to have! and the tea looks yummy too! thanks for the links to the discounts - so very helpful!
michele xx

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your pink and green holiday decorations! You are always so creative and give me inspiration! ~Cassy